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Gary K. Probst

Gary is the author of The Learning Wizard. He is a professor emeritus of developmental studies at Prince George's Community College.  At PGCC he served as an instructor of developmental mathematics and college reading and study skills for over 30 years.  Seven years prior to his retirement he developed and served as the instructor of PGCC's online developmental mathematics and college reading and study skills courses.  The Learning Wizard is an outgrowth of the materials he developed for his online college reading and study skills course.  Gary has worked as a junior high school reading teacher, elementary reading specialist and diagnostician, and a reading specialist at a vocational school for boys who had learning disabilities.

Gary received a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics from Milligan College, a Master's Degree in reading from East Tennessee State University and a Doctor of Education in reading from American University. He has published articles in the field of college reading and study skills.  

Gary’s current interest is studying the recent finding in neuroscience and applying them to college reading and study skills. For those who would like to know more about neuroscience finding that can be applied to college reading and study skills he recommends reading The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, MD

Mon Nasser

Mon is responsible for the development of The Learning Wizard software. He is the President of Engineerica Systems, Inc, the publisher of The Learning Wizard. Mon has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering and an MS degree in Engineering Management from the University of Central Florida. He developed several successful software applications including AccuTrack, AccuLite, Accudemia, and many others.




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